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Logan House

Built in 2022, this 3500 square foot home has 6 bedrooms and 3 baths. Customized kitchen- painted black perimeter cabinets, with a 9' walnut island and large walk-in pantry, composite quartz sink, along with a sleek, glass refrigerator make this home a classic, yet modern design, that will be timeless for years to come.

Designing children's rooms can be both fun and challenging. You want them to feel like it is "their" room, while still being a cohesive part of the rest of the home. This jungle themed room, has fun bedding, classic iron bed along with a basket pendant light for a little texture. (I'll send you a couple of shots of this!) By keeping the walls neutral and simple, you can change up the bedding any time Junior changes his mind- and oh how they do!

Designed for the adventure seeking, camp loving boy! This room has classic plaid bedding- not too cheesy, but classic plaids in flannels to keep them cozy on those cool nights. Headboard has battery operated touch scones for easy reading light at night.


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